In 2016, Kaltsas Company, built the first building of known food chain in Diavata at Thessaloniki, with new insulation and waterproofing roof systems, a total area of 2600 sq.m. 2016 Insulating Kaltsas built the first building known food chain in Diavata Thessaloniki, with new insulation and waterproofing roof systems, a total area of 2,600 sq.m.


Kaltsas Company was certified by the American carrier Infraspection institute as certified thermograph with the possibility to perform thermographic inspections both in buildings and in Electromechanical facilities.


This year, Kaltsas Company, applied for the first time in Greece, the Induction system, for the mechanical fixation of the waterproofing membranes without piercing the membrane.


The first system with liquid membranes MTC of SIKA in Greece, was built in a private residence by our company in cooperation with the staff of SIKA HELLAS.


Following the upward trend, the company undertook the sealing part of tunnel in Tempe - Larisa, placing 35,000 sq.m. pvc membranes and building the waterproofing in more than 25 bridges on the road Larissa - Katerini.


It's an important year, after a multitude of projects, Insulation Kaltsas certified by SIKA (Switzerland), as a certified partner and enforcer of specialized materials.


Having shown excellent examples of application in building projects, the Insulating socks, undertook the construction of more watertight in Thessaly, the new building of the Police Directorate with 5,500 sq.m. films in basements and 1800 sq.m. in green roofs (roof garden) and surrounding areas.


The Insulation Kaltsas undertook one of the largest building projects in Thessaly, new social housing Larissa placing pvc membranes, creating a watertight basin to the settlement buildings with the total work to surpass the 50,000 sq.m. seals in a settlement of 246 buildings.


The Insulation Kaltsas created in 2003 with the objective to provide high quality services in waterproofing and insulation issues of private and public projects with high quality materials, as well as the supply of specialized materials.