Specialized technical company for the manufacture of insulations and seals.

We provide solutions for the construction of insulation and waterproofing systems, based on your needs.

Sustainable Construction

We use sustainable materials to achieve green building design, responsive to both users and environment.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We follow closely all technological advancements and integrate them in building construction. All materials and techniques are in complete alignment with international regulations and standards and guarantee the reliability and longevity of the construction.

Innovative Ideas & Solutions

We thoroughly study both the project and your needs and propose you practical and innovative solutions that simultaneously offer high aesthetics and longevity of the construction.

Kaltsas Company is a specialized technical company for the construction of insulation and waterproofing systems, both in privately owned projects and public works, irrespective of surface and size.

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Eco-friendly materials

We use more eco-friendly natural materials instead of heavily processed or potentially toxic ones. Also higher quality materials to reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Energy-Efficient sources

Green buildings use alternative energy options as a means to power their operations. There have been developed various options that improve efficiency and reduce energy usage and costs compared to other options.


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